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Once More - F-777 Once More - F-777

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very Envy-ish! Good Job!

This is actually really good! Awesome buildups and a VERY epic climax! I think you did really good here, but some suggestions:

-Raise the volume of the kicks in the climax, they weren't loud enough. Maybe do some sidechaining on the overpowering instrument, I don't know. Just make 'teh kicks moar awsum'.

-The transition at 1:50 was all too sudden, random and just not very smooth. I think you could make that a little more sexy.

-Although you made very good use of different instruments, I think you used just a little too many. Usually we as reviewers complain for too little variation, this time I'm gonna complain for too much variation. The song didn't really sound as one whole.

-The climaxes could be longer. The buildups are really long, which is horrible to 'dance' on. The climaxes were actually very short compared to the buildups.

-There also were a lot of different buildups. Drum rolls, sirens, etc. They're very good for building up tension, but don't over-use them.

Overall, VERY good song, gratz. =] I'm gonna rate 9/10 for those little things I wrote, and 5/5! Download.

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F-777 responds:

Long so happy right now.


- I did sidechain and the kick is fairly loud on all 3 sets of speakers i have here loud on my headphones too. I guess maybe you like much louder and
i do too but i didn't want it too loud for this song =). Just the feeling i was going for.

- Longer climaxes? I can't win! Haha sometimes people complain my climaxes are
too long i guess it really depends on the buildups. Yes your right they are quite short
compared to the buildups. Maybe ill make another Dance Version =).
Thanks so much for the review!!

{dj-N} Crying Soul [RmX] {dj-N} Crying Soul [RmX]

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Hooray For Nate!

Yaaay! A (rather) classical nate song! Yay! Evil loop at 1:30. Yay!
You got it. This is what most people love about you. The happy, raving feel. It's cool.
Now, for the downside: you've done this before. Even though this is awesomeness, do use some other instruments then older works, say, high volume or something. Though I know it can be really hard to differentiate usually you do a good job. Come clean is a good example. Keep dipping into different styles, you'll make it. :-)

dj-Nate responds:

Thanks for the long review man. Really appreciate it.


{dj-N} Dreamscape {dj-N} Dreamscape

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

You Heard This Song On YouTube?

You heard this song on youtube (the audioswapping), and had to remix it?
It started off pretty lame. Around the one minute mark it got interesting. Still rather boring though. The piano later on didn't really add much. You didn't catch the feel of the original track, the massive sidechaining, the "in-a-trance" feel. I did like the instruments, though I feel there could be some more high notes. The song's okay, but not exciting. Better luck next time,

Your Eyes - F-777 Your Eyes - F-777

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Well, it was nice.
The strings were nice, and the sidechaining-ish effects around 1:55 were nice. I liked the underwater experience around 2:30. After that it got repetitive, and the deep sounds at 4:00 did not fit. And I do agree with Stargenx, the poster below me. This is not crap, definitely not, but you can be a bit more alternating. Dj-Nate tries all he can to differentiate at times. He goes into all sorts of styles, whereas you do not, sadly. You're good at this genre, now try something else. Challenge yourself. Be creative. Don't play safe all the time, but go for a change. I've said it before, and I just said it again. Good luck, and take care.

F-777 responds:

Well Dj-Nate uses old elements about (if not more) then i do
so thats not a great comparision XD. But i do know what you
mean. However i write a LOT of songs and i get stages where
i sound simular but overall i have covered and invented new
things =).

I even shaped NG's music somewhat i was here long ago when
it was mostly DnB ;).

I do challenge myself im not sure if you heard my We Believe
Series but i really pushed myself in that one ;).

Ummm i don't "play safe" lol i make music for myself and thats
one reason im not changing my style completely atm. I will
make what i enjoy rather then what everyone else wants =).

I am experimenting with a lot of things don't get me wrong
i am covering new areas (making a lot of background music
for a video editing company now) but again ill make what i like
and take advice on how to improve.

I can't use advice like "change your style" or "write a different
genre" that doesn't help me improve thats just a pushed oppinion
on me as an artist.

Thanks for the review i do appreciate it =).

Ibiza Sunrise (DJDeZMiX) Ibiza Sunrise (DJDeZMiX)

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Simply put: Epic.
That totally rocks. Cheers to that. Loved the plucky bass. Could have been a bit more raspy-er though. Loved it from beginning to end. Loved the hats during the snare rolls. One word: Epic!